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A centrifugal water pump caused the purchase enthusiasm

In recent decades, China's property market has entered a rising rapidly, the purchasing power exuberant state.
However, due to the recent weakness in the market, the property market began to gradually slow down, into a stable, and even occasional decline
Recently, one of my friends suddenly called me and excitedly told me that he had taken a fancy to a house in the neighborhood,the real estate belongs to Poly property, it is said that the property just opened, it attracted many buyers of just a few days, the house has been sold out.My friend has been on the sidelines all the time, as he has a set of property, not anxious to buy second sets of houses,instead, he chose carefully and wanted to buy one sets around the good evironment,he wanted it is a quality and residential environment are both very good house.I don't know why he has taken a fancy to this neighborhood  recently.
My friend was excited to invite me to go with him to purchase procedures,So, we came to the District Sales Office, watching him rush to run the formalities, I could not help asking curiously, why did you suddenly decide to choose this district?
My friend told me with smile, because this area of the pump station was build by our company.What's the relationship between pump station and buying a house? I was still very confused,looking at my puzzled expression, my friend explained me further.
As my friend's company is large, so they design and build a lot of water pump stations project in a whole year.But many real estate developers want to save the cost of the pump station,they build the pump station in very simple way,On the basis of the original budget, a considerable reduction was made,therefore, most of the real estate developers make a choice of cast iron pumps for the secondary water supply.and also the fire pump station is also choose the cast iron pumps. Usually,the cost of making a pump station is very low and the profit is low,too.Therefore, the construction side had to find ways to find cheap products as much as possible to reduce expenditure.
But this district is different,This neighbourhood selected the stainless steel centrifugal water pumps which is produced by a professional pump manufacturer-Jiangxi Gelaili pump industry co.,ltd, this kind of stainless steel centrifugal water pump not only used in high building's water supply system but also selected as fire pumps,as we know ,fire pumps were used very few.
The stainless steel centrifugal water pump avoid the second pollution and the quality of water is guaranteed,Therefore, the water pressure of this neighbourhood is very stable,even the top floor and remote areas of this area.Gelaili stainless steel centrifugal water pumps are produced by an advanced water technology imported from Danmark,the centrifugal water pump with small noise, high efficiency, large flow,large head. Although the early procurement costs are high,But even the fire pumps do not take much time and cost to maintain. Not like some other neighbourhoods who select cast iron pump. If the fire pumps do not use for a long time,they will rust live.
And after the water supply pumps be used for a long time,the noise
 will increase,disturb the rest of people.and because of the pump is wear and tear, resulting in bad things for people.
This neighbourhood not only in the construction of the water pump housing investment sufficient funds, such as house quality is very good ,the constrution material is also very good,the use high quality bricks and bars.
We walked in the neighbourhood, sure enough, the plot of the house planning was reasonable, the green was also very rich, grassland and other green belts were installed with pressurized water pump,the sprinkler system was also spacious.
My friend told me that he was just build the pump house project, and the pumping station was doing so attentively, so he observed the other details of this district, and found that the house was really worth the cost, so he decided to pick this community. Hear here, I see, a detail to start to analyze a problem, but the problem is very simple, because fine the festival determines the whole.
We can see the house quality from the water pump it select.
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