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A modification project for dirty water pump sealing

The mechanical seal of a circulating dirty water pump in a factory has been seriously leaking since it was put into operation.It can not be operated normally after several times of replacement.
The leakage of wastewater containing organic matter, acid, alkali, salt, etc.It has resulted in varying degrees of corrosion to the equipment,and also caused pollution to the environment, the loss is more serious.
The dirty water pump leakage become a problem affecting the production of the factory.
After thorough a renovation of the sealing structure of the dirty water pump, good results have been achieved.
Let's talk about the modification design, we will know better about how to make dirty water pump to work better.
Field analysis
This dirty water pump is a cantilever centrifugal pump,Internal rotation, internal leakage, single spring, non - balanced carbide cemented carbide
mechanical seal.After disassembly, it is found that the sealing device is seriously damaged and the friction material has been worn and broken,spring seat was damaged, transmission parts and shaft worn and broken, the impeller and pump connection has heavy wear marks.
These conditions indicate that the pump works with vibration and that the coaxiality of the installation is poor, resulting in greater axial thrust
and greater swing.
In addition, there are traces of wear and burn in front of the friction pairs, indicating that the internal circulation cooling structure of the dirty water pump 
is not good, and the cycle is bad.there are a lot of impurities in the circulation liquid, and there are hard particles in it, the dirty water pump is in the lack of routine maintenance.
Corrective actions 
Considering the use of the factory environment, the sealing requirements of the pump is not very high, there are too many hard particles in the
circulating liquid,the equipment management level of this factory is low, it is not suitable to choose the mechanical seal of the pump shaft seal.
Therefore, transformation design scheme selection combined new type packing seal instead of the original mechanical seal.
This project design has the advantages of less investment, low installation cost and low maintenance requirements, it completely can meet the sealing requirements. It is very suitable for the actual situation of the factory.
We chose carbon fiber and flexible graphite as a sealing mechanism, flexible graphite has not only low friction factor, but also good self lubrication performance and high resilience, the flexible graphite also has enough floating performance, can be well attached to the shaft, to prevent leakage. In this scheme, carbon fiber packing with high strength, good heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and erosion resistance has been added.The graphite packing is adopted in the middle five layers, which makes the material rebound well,the material of sealing has good elasticity, low friction coefficient, high and low temperature resistance, softness, corrosion resistance and good self lubrication.
After modification of the dirty water pump ,since the pump was put into operation, the effect has been very good, almost reached the level of no
leakage, and the axle temperature is completely normal.

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