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Characteristics and working principle of water treatment booster pump

Characteristics of water treatment booster pump
A booster pump uses a low-pressure gas (2-8 bar) of a wide area piston to produce high pressure gas / liquid on a small area piston.The booster pump can be used for compressed air and other gases, and the output air pressure can be regulated without pressure,The gas pipeline booster pump has single acting pump and double acting pump.The double acting pump piston compresses the gas in the two strokes of the reciprocating stroke,when the driving gas acts on the gas piston, the working piston can obtain larger output with the gas driving.
The booster pump has the following characteristics
1. The maintenance of the booster pump is simple, the parts and seals of the booster pump are less, the maintenance is simple, and the cost is low.
2, booster pump cost-effective: booster pump with high output performance and low cost characteristics
3, booster pump adjustable, pump output pressure and flow control valve by the pressure of driving gas accurately. Adjusting the driving pressure, the output pressure booster pump pressure pipeline accurately between the pre pressure and maximum output pressure adjustment.

4, booster pump output pressure high: pneumatic liquid pipeline booster pump maximum working pressure can reach 700Mpa, pneumatic gas pipeline booster pump maximum working pressure can reach 300Mpa.
5, booster pump material is fine, high pressure pump parts are divided into hard aluminum alloy, high pressure plunger material is stainless steel. And double layer seal. Key parts of material can be selected according to medium performance.

6, A variety of gas booster pump driven: the compressed air, nitrogen, water vapor. Output flow, pneumatic pipeline booster pump only 0.2-0.8Mpa compressed air. All O rings in the same series of pump, maintenance package damageable parts can be replaced by each other, thereby greatly reducing the maintenance cost, pneumatic pipe without the use of booster pump lubricant.
7, flexible application: booster pump booster pump from simple manual work to automatic work, booster pump is suitable for various applications, and facilitate customer compatible systems. In the air motor in the same series of most types of pumps are interchangeable
8, automatic pressure booster pump, booster pump work, work back and forth rapidly, with the output pressure of the pressure near the set value, the reciprocating speed of pump is reduced to a stop and keep the pressure. The energy consumption is small, no heat, no parts movement. When the pressure balance break booster pump automatic start work next a balance.

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