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Floor heating is not warm, choose booster pump or circulating pump ?

Booster pump and circulating pump, as the name suggests, have different performance, in the installation position, scope of application, operation and control and so on have their own characteristics, with obvious difference.

1. working principle
Circulating pump: circulation refers to the role of the pump, centrifugal refers to the structure of the pump, the two are completely two concepts. The working principle of the circulating pump to water circulating pump is called a circulating pump, such as water heating pipe in the hot water is circulating by the circulating pump up
Booster pump: first liquid booster pump is full, and then start the fast rotating impeller, centrifugal pump, impeller blades driven by fluid rotation, the liquid is rotated by the inertia to flow to the outer edge of the impeller, the impeller from the suction chamber into the liquid at the same time, the force on the work of the liquid to liquid, and then the energy out of the impeller, the liquid the kinetic energy and pressure energy can be increased.
2. installation position
The booster pump is usually installed in the water pipe, the original pipeline cut after a period of pump series to the pipeline can; circulating pump should be installed in the return pipe, pressure boosting system, to help them with a circulation pipeline, scissors cut, pump series on the line.
3. scope of application
The booster pump is generally used in central heating systems, solar and led to less drop of water pressure is small, and the water heater pressure small, need pressurized condition; circulating pump is mainly for self heating users, or in the large-sized apartment home heating system circulation, heating hot water circulation use. If the water temperature, water temperature is low. Install the circulating pump can solve the problem, but if the return water temperature is low, you need to first find the reasons not hot.
4. supercharging strength
Booster pump mainly solves the problem of small water pressure, belongs to the type of pressure smaller pump, which is determined by the structure of the pump, the booster pump is pressurized by centrifugal force; and the circulation pump compared to the booster pump pressure, can drive the entire heating system cycle
5. product operation
The booster pump is mostly automatic control, that is, the switch is the automatic switch control of water flow. As long as the water flow switch starts automatically, there is no automatic shutdown of water flow. Most of the circulating pumps are manually controlled, and people need to switch on manually, so as to achieve the connection and operation of pumps.
The booster pump and circulating pump exist many differences, so in the purchase and use of the process, the user must pay attention to identify and distinguish the two types of pumps used, well, otherwise it will be difficult to meet their own needs, and even damage the whole system. You are not sure when to buy what kind of water pump and try to consult professionals, listen to their purchase recommendations.
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