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Handbook for operation and management of small pump station

To deal of all kinds of pump unit accident and abnormal operation,is a basic skill requirement to the pump operator , if you do not have this skill, the misoperation in operation will cause accidents caused by man-made accidents and expand, it is diffi,cult to estimate the consequences and huge economic losses.
一, the matters needing attention in the safe operation of the pumping station
1, before entering the operation, check the inlet and outlet tank has the condition of water passing, there is no serious siltation and whether the gate should be opened or closed. Upstream and downstream have no effect on safety. There is no ship detention, no fish and swimmers, and no influence on the floating objects running, so as to meet the requirement of start-up.
2, the pump should be carried out before each start turning, small and medium-sized units by human. In general manual turning start unit, the use of human motor will turn a few laps, to determine the unit (including the pump, motor and transmission part) whether the death card or the increase of friction resistance, so as not to start the motor load the larger damage the motor (i.e. burn).
3, the operation of electrical equipment must wear insulated gloves, wear insulation boots, and a special person guardianship, it is best not to operate, if an accident, no way to rescue;
4, electrical equipment must not be overloaded, so as not to cause insulation failure, short circuit or even explosion due to overheating, fire accidents (public number: Pump housekeeper). If overload is concerned, the current should not exceed the rated current. The rated current is generally 2 times of the motor power.
5, in the operation of the pump group, the human body is strictly prohibited from touching the charged part, and the electrified part of the motor is strictly prohibited.
6, should pay attention to the inspection and inspection work in the operation of the pumping unit, mechanical failure with other things, there is also a occurrence, development and exposure process. In this process, the mechanical will appear some abnormal phenomena, such as temperature, noise, vibration, abnormal sound and so on. Through careful monitoring check in time, can be found as early as possible, to timely treatment, the fault damages caused to a minimum. On the contrary, monitoring is not strict, careless, it may cause serious consequences.
二,Matters to be paid attention to during the operation of a unit
1. After closing the switch, if the motor does not turn, it should immediately pull the brake, check the fault (can not try to wait for it to turn, let alone check the fault without the brake, otherwise it will burn the motor.
2, after closing the switch, pay attention to the sound and smell of the motor, the motor in normal operation, the sound is evenly balanced, no special calls, if there is abnormal sound. Should stop check and eliminate. Remove the fault before reclosing.
3. After closing the switch, attention should be paid to observing the situation of water pumps, ammeters and voltmeters. The current of the monitoring motor does not exceed the rated current. To facilitate monitoring, a red line marking the rated current may be drawn on the ammeter. For ease of monitoring. Voltage is allowed in the range of 10 ~ -5 V ~ -5 V ~ 361V. if there is any abnormality, stop check.
4, the general motor can not start continuously more than 3-5 times, start too frequently, the motor will heat up rapidly, damage insulation, shorten life;
5, a pumping station has several motors, should start one by one in order, otherwise the total starting current is too large, starting difficult (Official account: pump housekeeper, the time is prolonged, it is unfavorable to the motor, it may also burn out the transformer.
6, start operation, must not switch on and off everything else, otherwise the unit will be under the supervision of no one to run, when an accident, especially a fuse fuse. One of the three licks falls off. The motor may burn out if it is not handled in time.
7, monitor the temperature of the motor, generally can touch the method of the shell, when the hand on the motor shell, there is no feeling of scalding hands, indicating that the motor does not overheat. Note: to prevent electric shock. Before touching, check for leakage with the measuring brush, and then touch it with the back of the hand.
8. Observe whether the motor has abnormal vibration. If there is abnormal vibration, check whether the bottom screw and coupling are loose.
三,Analysis of simple Fault of Unit
1, motor overload (i.e., too much current) mainly considers loose blades, which results in inconsistent installation angles. The blades are wrapped with weeds and impurities. The outer edges of the blades are rubbed with the pump shells, and the door is rusted. It cannot fully open, the rubber bearings wear, the pump shaft is bent, and the cable joints are loose or not.
2, insufficient water or no water, mainly considering the winding number of weed debris, motor reversal, blade wear or cylindrical part of broken blade fracture or loose, if the pump may just repair the leaves reversed, or the installation angle is too small, if irrigation pump station, taking into account the pool water level is too low the pump tube is Water Leakage, corrosion and so on.
3, the pump noise or vibration, the main consideration of the pump or motor of anchor bolts loose, loose rubber bearing fastening bolts, the pump and the motor bearing damage or lack of oil, loose leaf or outer friction with the water inlet bell, leaf weeds around the debris, if it is just maintenance pump considering the blade installation angle is not consistent.
四,Emergency handling of fault
"Safety first, prevention first" now to deal with the accident to consider people-oriented, but the occurrence of safety accidents, to ensure safety, consider safety equipment. In recent years many reports caused by electrical equipment fire, pumping station operation time is longer, aging equipment, safety accidents more, each station should be equipped with the necessary fire protection facilities.
1, a fire in the operation site of the pump station, the operator on duty should be calm and calm, immediately to the scene of the fire, to find out the cause of the fire.
2, first cut off the power stop equipment operation accident prevention expansion, use dry powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire, and never extinguish the fire.
4 when the fire is serious, when the related equipment is cut off, 119 should be called immediately to the fire department.
5 in case of personal injury, live rescue work should be done. When the situation is serious, 120 to the emergency center should be dialed immediately.
6, report to the superior leaders in time.

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