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How to increase the self-priming capacity of the centrifugal water pump

First method(simplest one)
Self-priming sewage pump vacuum pump is arranged in the water pipeline, water pump start before the vacuum pump starts to pump water pipe Neixianbu
with water, to ensure that the water pump, quick start.
This type of water absorption requires a perfect automatic control system to ensure normal work.
Second method(more simple)
The self – priming pump reduces the water inlet pipe curve , the fall height and the horizontal interval.
Third way( Trouble, but it works.)
The self-priming pump is equipped with a water suction tank in front of the pump. In this way, a suction tank should be installed on the pump suction
pipe. Before the first operation of the pump, the tank should be filled with water manually, and after the first operation the tank should be
stopped. Since the intake pipe of the suction tank is higher than the water level inside the pipe,the water in the tank will not flow back into the
pool, so the water can be stored in the tank, and because the water suction tank outlet pipe (that is, the suction pipe of the pump) is lower than
the water level inside the pipe. Therefore, it can ensure that the water absorption pipe of the pump is covered with water, and when the pump is
running again, the water in the water tank is pumped away by the pump, and the water in the pool is added to the water absorption tank under the
action of atmospheric pressure. Enter the pump through the pipes in the tank tank.
The fourth way
Self-priming sewage pump suction pipe. The suction end of the valve is installed at the end of suction end of the valve is actually a check valve, it
can only guarantee the flow by the pool into the suction tube can not turn the clock back, so if the water pipe is full of water, despite the
elevation axis pump the water level above the pool, but because there is the role of the water suction end of the valve. The tube into the pool water
will not enable the suction tube has been filled with water to ensure the pump can automatically, quickly start.
The fifth way
In the pump structure , for example , the self – priming pump in the figure below directly combines the vacuum impeller with the centrifugal pump .

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