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Purifield water booster pump

Today, we are faced with the problem of water pollution is very serious, in order to improve water quality, choose to use the pure water machine is more and more, water purifier purification efficiency is very high, the impurity can filter the water quickly, we ensure the sanitation of drinking water
The working principle of the water pump is not complicated, because the water pump has many advantages, so it is widely used and has attracted the attention and recognition of many people.
Principle of booster pump of pure water machine — working principle of booster pump of pure water machine
The main work of pure water machine RO membrane pure water machine pump principle is the rotary motion of the motor rotor, drives the eccentric wheel swing motion, the eccentric swing wheel under the action of the motor’s rotary motion into reciprocating motion of the eccentric wheel of the eccentric wheel swing swing.
In the static state, it has three circular steel fixed seat, center hole, the diaphragm has corresponding hole just a fixed seat, and bolt the three hole tightly presses the diaphragm dome plastic parts, the formation of super pure water machine eccentric wheel and swing the diaphragm tightly
Together, the water pump is not leaking into the motor side of the diaphragm partition. Convex plastic body will push the diaphragm along the axial direction after the shift, the diaphragm reciprocating movement along the axial direction, thereby reciprocating pump change import volume, forming a vacuum absorption, export pressure,thus continuously pump out.
Principle of booster pump of pure water machine — characteristics of booster pump of pure water machine
The maintenance is simple, cost-effective: pure water machine pump parts and sealing, simple maintenance and low cost with complex booster, booster pump water machine has the characteristics of high output performance and low cost, water pump output pressure and flow driven by gas
The pressure regulating valve to accurately adjust. Adjusting the driving pressure, the output pressure of pipeline booster pump water machine precise adjustment between the pre pressure and maximum output pressure.
High output pressure, flow rate: maximum working pressure of the pneumatic booster pump liquid pipeline pure water machine can reach 700Mpa, the maximum working pressure pneumatic gas pipeline booster pump water machine can reach 300Mpa, pneumatic pipeline booster pump water machine is only 0.2-0.8Mpa compressed air, a variety of gas driven: the compressed air, nitrogen, water vapor. Pure water machine pressure booster pump parts are made of rigid Aluminum Alloy. High pressure plunger is made of stainless steel. And the use of double sealing. Materials can be key parts based on media system selection.
The application of flexible automatic pressure: water booster pump from simple manual operation to full automation, booster pump water machine suitable for various applications, and facilitate customer compatible systems. In the same series of most types of pump air Ma
As is interchangeable. When water booster pump work back and forth rapidly, along with the reciprocating speed output pressure pump pressure value to set the decrease until it stops. And keep the pressure, the energy consumption is small, no heat, no parts
Movement. When the pressure balance is broken, the water pump will automatically start working to the next balance.

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