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Sichuan had 7.0 earthquake-stainless steel water pump is important for a earthquakes often happen place

In August 8th, a magnitude 7 earthquake occurred in the Jiuzhaigou area.
After preliminary verification, the "8. 8" Jiuzhaigou earthquake has caused 19 people were killed, 247 people were injured, 40 of them seriously injured.
Gelaili pump industry hope the people who had suffered from the earthquake can rebuild their homeland early.
Now,let's talk about stainless steel water pump 's advantages in earthquake.
According to our current produce and mainten experience,stainless steel water pump is a very good and durable water's security performance is verified all the time.As stainless steel is a good seismic resistance material,Stainless steel water pumps were less damaged in the earthquake.After big earthquake ,a lot of stainless steel water pumps can continuous working good.The water supply in earthquake areas will not be completely interrupted.
We know that after the earthquake health water is very important for earthquake area, emergency medical personnel need clean water to rescue the injured, the people in the disaster area after the earthquake in order to avoid an outbreak of plague, also need clean water, the stainless steel water pump can do this.stainless steel water pump even can supply drinkable water into your cup directly. 
In the daily maintenance, some of our customers ask us to maintain the stainless steel water pump which works nearly 10 years, we found that the external part of cast iron has been rusting, a lot of rusty iron parts even has disappeared, but the stainless steel parts still new, especially the stainless steel water pump impeller,it ran in the condition of air isolation situation for almost 10 years, when we start the water pump,it still run smooth and quiet, the water pump is still very new.
Our company specializes in providing professional stainless steel centrifugal water pump for our customers. Our products have wide range of application and good quality. Welcome to call to discuss.
Finally, we sincerely hope that the people of the earthquake areas will have a hard time as soon as possible.

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