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Water pollution is international disaster problem

On October 9, 2017, at the press conference, chang-jun liu which is the deputy director of the
municipal environmental protection bureau introduced that the drinking water sources must preserve
and protect zone built, renovated or expanded with serious water pollution hidden trouble of
construction projects.If happend this appearance,The related department shall be ordered to
dismantle or closed within a time limit and concurrently be fined between two hundred thousand
yuan and five hundred thousand yuan.

That sounds very serious,just output some sewage water should be fined so many money.But if you
know the follow content,that you may understand this not excessive.

1.Health is the foundation of human beings.In fact,There are about 4.6 million children die from
diarrhoea after drinking contaminated water each year.
In China,most of the surface water and groundwater and lake water has been polluted by industrial
and agricultural development, we can't lay down and die.

2.Many local have antibiotic water pollution.Killing fish is not normal.These organisms into the
food chain, and ultimately will feedback to the human body, can not be ignored.
Due to water pollution caused all kinds of diseases and cancer, no amount of money also of no
help.Water pollution is still the world together in the face of the worldwide disaster problems,
some enterprises even the industrial sewage directly into the underground, water pollution, we
have seen.

have Read it ,are you have something thought?But you may understand it.

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