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Why Ro booster pump does not work?

Why Ro booster pump does not work?Let's find out the reason.
Reverse Osmosis booster Pump is one of the key part of the RO water purification machine,we call it ro booster pump,It is a kind of booster pump be used in the reverse osmosis device, it has the function of self-priming and pressurization.
Ro booster pump provide Ro membrane water pressure and water flow,to make Ro rembrane work. Ro membrane is another important component of the RO water purification machine.So Ro water purification machine can give us purifield water.
Some times ro booster pump does not work,so the whole system is out of work,there are follow reasons cause the ro booster pump doesn't work:
1,Purifield water tank at a high level or the original water tank is at a low position.
2,Ro water pressure is higher than the protection switch Settings, the controller automatically switched on.
3,Ro booster pump suction pressure is lower than protection switch Settings, the controller automatically disconnect.
4,The corresponding switch, contactor are insensitive.
5,Ro booster pump motor is burned.
If ro booster pumps of water purifield system are not work,we should find reason as soon as possible,you can check the system as our suggestion, ro water purification system is very important for people,it can solve a lot of people's water requirements.
This system's water treatment process is:
The original water tank -- the original water pump -- multiple medium filter -- heat exchanger -- scale inhibitor (PH adjustment) -- security filters --  first level of high-pressure ro booster pump --first lever reverse osmosis unit - the middle water tank -- PH adjustment dosing -- secondary high pressure ro booster pump -- the secondary reverse osmosis device -- pure water tank -- pure water pump -- users location

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